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 Celestial City

by  OregoX  |  0
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AT   00:42.002 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Beginner 
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 Author Comments

C e l e s t i a l C i t y

💭 Inspiration:
No real inspiration on this one. I just had a grass route and an Idea of a city in the sky.^^

:build: Estimated building time:
Surely 50+ hours. I was very unsure how to build the scenery at first and testet some styles. :)

🎢 Track Deskription:
Transitional grass track in the sky driving through some important buildings of the celestial city.

🏅 Author Medal:
Surely a decent time for me, but I'm probably able to get a sub 42. However my GPS time was so close to 42 that I used that one.

📸 Screenshot:
This time another one made by myself and I have to say that this is probably one of my best selfmade thumbnails. :d

🚧 Signs:
I tried to keep it decent with signs. First I had no signs, but people complaned and I added these road signs to it. Only the green ones since the color fits the theme.

🎶 Music:
This time I coudn't find a suiting music. Was a hard desicion, but in the end I didn't add one.

🎮 Helping Hands:
I had some cool feedback from TMA testing:
Thank you

Big thanks to   entrylag who told me the problem with bloom and its effects on high settings.

Edit: Due to some issues with bloom I decided to remove. It's always a pity to delete all already hunted records, but It was something that has to be done. I hope you understand.

I wish you a good time on this map and hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 🙌
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brls_straight_flat.Item.gbx squiki.wp
brls_slope_end_2X.Item.gbx squiki.wp
brls_slope_start_2X.Item.gbx squiki.wp
brls_slope_straight.Item.gbx squiki.wp
brls_slope_top_1X.Item.gbx squiki.wp
brls_tilted_corner_1X_3.Item.gbx squiki.wp
brls_tilted_corner_2X_4.Item.gbx squiki.wp
brls_tilted_transition_down_2X_1.Item.gbx squiki.wp
brls_tilted_transition_down_1X_2.Item.gbx squiki.wp
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 Track Feature

A beautiful flowing map where you can really focus on the route and every creative transition.

Feature time: -  eyebo