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 TBC - eyebo's dogs have gas

by  Beluga71  |  14
AT   00:14.908 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Beginner 
ID  130054 
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# Record User Score Date
1st   00:14.767  Beluga71 14 (100%)
2nd   00:14.905  Cache_Up 11.2 (80%)
3rd   00:15.903   eyebo 9.1 (65%)
 Author Comments
Map name was not my idea; ask   eyebo for spicy details.

Made in 30 minutes for the Trackmania Builders Cup on September 12th 2023. My first underwater/reactor map so I was building slowly and hoping for the best. Accidentally turned into an easy precision map.
 Embedded objects3 Objects
Object IX? Object author
U_RT_Tur_Flat_BiS_Down3_Left3_Size3.Item.gbx Juice
V_RT_Tur_Flat_BiS_Up3_Right2_Size2.Item.gbx Juice
U_RT_Tur_Flat_HBLeft_Down2_Left3_Size3.Item.gbx Juice
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Name Creator Tracks Etc
TBC - Trackmania Builders Cup   eyebo 129