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 Childhood Dream ft' XLRB

by  TheChraz +1 |  59
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AT   00:55.260 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Beginner 
ID  109145 
  Nascar Scenery    
 Visible (approved) |  Released    2023-05-25T17:00:00.0000000 
 TheChraz — Scenery
  XLRB — Route
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# Record User Score Date
1st   00:54.010   Liffey 59 (100%)
2nd   00:54.740  pastek.. 47.2 (80%)
3rd   00:55.067  lefoudu32 38.35 (65%)
4th   00:56.497  Sytraxx 32.45 (55%)
5th   00:58.547   MrPepsy 27.14 (46%)
6th   00:58.634  Emancyphur 23.6 (40%)
7th   00:58.814   Airwam 20.65 (35%)
8th   00:58.880  manu2k21 17.7 (30%)
9th   01:00.774  pinp0x 15.34 (26%)
10th   01:14.287  j00kluch 12.98 (22%)
11th   01:15.827   AmpelJoe10 11.21 (19%)
 Author Comments
Hey TrackmaniaExchange,

  XLRB and I have been hired by Nadeo to create a suitable Nascar TOTD for the console release!
The map is/was TOTD on the 25th of May 2023.

We hope you have fun playing and hunting this map!

 Embedded objects56 Objects
Object IX? Object author
GroundBlue.Item.Gbx KamiKalash
Boxx1.Item.gbx htimh
Boxx2.Item.gbx htimh
football.Item.gbx htimh
LoopStandard.Item.gbx htimh
tree.Item.gbx htimh
Vent.Item.gbx htimh
youtube.Item.gbx htimh
T_RT_Str_HBRight_HBLeft_Even_Center_Size4.Item.gbx Juice
Barhocker.Item.Gbx TheChraz
BookStack1.Item.Gbx TheChraz
BookStack2.Item.Gbx TheChraz
BookStack3.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Cabinet1.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Cabinet2.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Coathanger.Item.Gbx TheChraz
CoathangerKnob.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Cup.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Money.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Stripes.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Tisch.Item.Gbx TheChraz
a_ChrazLogo_200KB128m.Item.Gbx TheChraz
MFGTrophy.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Ceiling.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Wholeroom.Item.Gbx TheChraz
CarBox1.Item.Gbx TheChraz
CeilingLights.Item.Gbx TheChraz
WandRegal.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Wimpel.Item.Gbx TheChraz
XLRBName.Item.Gbx TheChraz
OmniLights.Item.Gbx TheChraz
RoomDoor.Item.Gbx TheChraz
HouseWallConstruction.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Lautsprecher.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Schraubenzieher.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Sofa.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Tablet.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Television.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Teppich.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Cabinet3.Item.Gbx TheChraz
ChrazName.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Controller.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Curtains.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Kommode.Item.Gbx TheChraz
Lamp.Item.Gbx TheChraz
SheepKleinSpiderman.Item.Gbx 5X7FYPqoTyWnW8fpyvCv5Q
SheepKleinTMGLFan01.Item.Gbx 5X7FYPqoTyWnW8fpyvCv5Q
SheepKleinTMGLFan02.Item.Gbx 5X7FYPqoTyWnW8fpyvCv5Q
start-pad2.Item.Gbx 5X7FYPqoTyWnW8fpyvCv5Q
pitlanef1box.Item.Gbx 5X7FYPqoTyWnW8fpyvCv5Q
pitlanef1paddock.Item.Gbx 5X7FYPqoTyWnW8fpyvCv5Q
Boeing777.Item.gbx 5X7FYPqoTyWnW8fpyvCv5Q
Rocket1.Item.Gbx 5X7FYPqoTyWnW8fpyvCv5Q
Solar1.Item.Gbx 5X7FYPqoTyWnW8fpyvCv5Q
Ground.Item.Gbx KamiKalash
Groundv3.Item.Gbx KamiKalash
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Only good maps for bingo  Majkus95 147
 Track Feature

Day 11 of the console release! Manage your acceleration to win in this miniature Nascar map!

Feature time: -  SapphiroN