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 MTC June 2021 - Offroad Rally

by  r_teroor ,  Kurai Raito |  31 |  796
ID  597 
 2021-06-02 19:11:26 |  2021-06-19 17:48:05
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Theme Information

One year of MTC in this new trackmania so this month it will be a bit special + the 1st anniversary of IX.
This month, we want people to go for a nearly full dirt map. Ofc you can use some other surfaces for transitions but the map need to be at least 75 % dirt. Since this new TM, dirt isnt as much played/loved as it was in the past, some people think even that the gameplay changed too much. As a new rule enter for MTC, we will go more in detail to avoid people publishing old maps or unreleased ones. Any style accepted, map just need to be good and creative using dirt blocks. Try to avoid speedchecks, the note of the theme will be focus on the fact that you used dirt (the 75%) in a way the map is smooth and cool to hunt. This month the theme will have a note based on 10 pts only BUT a lot of bonus/penalty points will be given if your map fit or not some requirements.

Bonus points:
+5pts -Using custom dirt blocks from IX (If you create some new ones 2 extra points will be given)
+5pts -Using custom items (like custom trees/rocks for example)
+5pts -At least one no slide turn (when the car dont slide)[A turn is considered when the car actually change direction, for example going straight North then no sliding into a East direction]
+5pts -Using the official TMX signpack at least 2 in the entire map
+5pts -Add a beautiful image into your map thumbnail in TMX
+3pts -Add a GPS
+2pts -Add an Intro

Penalty points:
-5pts -If the 5th gear is used (One judge will hunt the map during at least one hour, make sure the car cant use the 5th gear)
-5pts -If you used more than 2 times the SAME turn block (the opposite turn is considered to be the same for example a 2x2 right turn and a 2x2 left one)
-5pts -If the map used more than two effects (effect: speedboost, noengine, reactor boost, etc..)
-5pts -If you dont use AT LEAST two different blocs in the map (Dirt Plateform and Dirt road for example)

(N.B 1: Every map will be noted on 40 pts and bonus points will be added in the final score of the map)
(N.B 2: When you release your map, put in the description the requirements you think you achieved)

If you have questions regarding the theme, ask them here in the forum thread or visit us on Discord!
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