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 MTC September 2022 - Floor is lava

by  r_teroor |  6 |  0
ID  1911 
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:build: Theme: Floor is lava (original idea by StupsKiesel)
- The main surface of the Blocks is prohibited as a roadway. (i.e: In a concrete narrow road only the grass of the block is usable)
- Waypoints must also be used in such a way that the road surface is not touched. (you can use customs CPs for that)
- Water (the 1x1 blocks that is stackable) and Stadium Ground grass are not considered as a "main surface" (conversely the water road is considered “lava” if used in his normal way)
- Custom items are allowed if you keep the theme rules and the “spirit” of using only the offroad parts of them.

(brb) Deadline: Entries must be submitted to the MTC mappack before 25/09/2022.
- Following the deadline, the Host will close the mappack for submissions. At that point, all maps in the mappack are considered valid entries. If you map is sent in less than 24h after the deadline, 5 pts will be retired in the total of the judge points
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