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 TOTD - Track of the Day - November 2021

by  Ubisoft Nadeo ,  r_teroor |  29 |  917
ID  1030 
 2021-11-05 23:22:44 |  2021-12-01 18:38:43
These are the Tracks of the Day featured in-game for the month of November 2021.

:done: 1st - "PPGA - Ice Gokart" by Chaukii
:done: 2nd - "Cadenza" by apX.Vixxa
:done: 3rd - "TORTUGA" by Proff10
:done: 4th - "Trava ExTen" by Twixzy_TM
:done: 5th - "Water Heart" by YannexTM
:done: 6th - "anisychia" by YamiiTM
:done: 7th - "Parthenon" by Ealipse
:done: 8th - "Spirit Walk" by Arien.wp
:done: 9th - "Red Mud" by Rexasaurus
:done: 10th - "Iverna" by Nightwolf93
:done: 11th - "Flyin' Cherry" by Woxx_The_Fox
:undone: 12th - "DWAYNE" by Spammiej
:done: 13th - "Erathell ft' kouks" by saghzs
:done: 14th - "Lost Springs" by Nightwolf93
:done: 15th - "Salted Earth by IvasiTV
:done: 16th - "Tropical Valleys" by Neelno
:done: 17th - "PANDORA (ft Osoguineapig)" by Newtron
:done: 18th - "Howling Valley" by Nightwolf93, Scarzor and Henkisme
:done: 19th - "MITH ODASYNE" by htimh1 and Enysado
:undone: 20th - "Mick'ice" by Micka_TM and Sympthome
:done: 21st - "Hallelujah Mountains V2" by OuandjiTM
:done: 22nd - "Downtown" by Newtron and Urumi7849
:done: 23rd - "Arapaima" by Rexasaurus, deadfish and sophie.ice
:done: 24th - "Urayne" by Vixen
:done: 25th - "Sunshine" by Scarzor
:done: 26th - "Limnoula" by Heasto
:done: 27th - "Fission Strike" - by Vixen
:done: 28th - "Overgrowth" by Newtron and YamiiTM
:done: 29th - "Forsaken Factory" by Ville
:done: 30th - "Fujiyama" by Grymlock and deadfish
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