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 KOTT 2023

by  BulleMite ,  jingatak |  9 |  0
  Tech Competitive    
ID  3051 
 Map request
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The KOTT by Eclipse is back for a second edition this summer !

Map Name Prefix: $i$F30K$C24O$918T$60CT $fff-
Style: Tech
Length: Between 40s and 45s
Mood: Day or Sunrise
Blockmix and mixmapping: Allowed as long as it's clean. Embedded item allowed
Map size: 3.9 Mo max
Don't protect your map with a password
Maximum 3 maps by author

Deadline: 2nd of July at 11:59pm CEST

Note :
Difficulty: Intermediate. The difficulty has to be homogeneous throughout the map, no run killer section (hard speedcheck, random clip, ...). Keep in mind the "Easy to finish but hard to master".
Round friendly: Your map has to be made for rounds.
Anonymous: Don't include anything which can help to identify the mapper (sign, team name etc). The map will be rejected if so. You will be able to edit your map after if it is picked.
Scenery: The map has to be decorate, try to keep it soft.
Finish: Risky fin is allowed but not mandatory, place a safe finish which has to be 0.4s slower maximum.
Mappack: Only 3 maps will be selected for the competition, so try to make the map as clean as possible when sending it.

Signs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18GcnROHgyCIQibam2cgsugAy94AIra-8?usp=sharing

Official discord: https://discord.gg/mr5fSEK9Yz
You will have to select the 'KOTT' role in order to find every information
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