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Name: Community Tech Competition Mappack 2
Creator:  CORONEL-GT
Managers: (none)
ID: 152 
Created / Edited: 13 September 2020 13:45:26 / 13 September 2020 13:45:26
TP / Environment: Trackmania / Stadium
Type: Competition
Style: Tech
Tracklist Released: Yes
This is the map-pack for the second edition of the Community Tech Competition, a solo, single server and single match event focused on: fun, improving and showcasing the awesome Tech scene!
The aim is to give tech players of all skill-levels a chance to play, and enjoy the game in a competitive setting, with the lowest barrier to entry possible. Whether you are completely new to Tech, returning to the game, or a longtime veteran, this event is meant to play, and improve with other drivers of all skill-levels.
For all updates, information and rules, check out and follow https://twitter.com/Coronel_GT .
Or join our Discord : https://discord.gg/CUVe4fX
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