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MTC June 2021 - Offroad rally
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2021-09-15 21:02:39  
I gave the info i got guys. I will ping again ;)
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2021-09-17 18:05:21  
The results are in and we know our winner for the month of June :)

I would like to thank the five judges for this month:   Kurai Raito   nehyzo   Famazo   TheChraz   Neon1990 for their judging and the dedication they put into even during hard times they got for some &   StunTMan for his help in the bonus/penalty points.

Before announcing the result i wanna say that even if a drama came out of this MTC, this is the MTC with the most submissions in TM2020 and even if i didnt test all of them a lot of pretty nice maps came out of this.


The twelfth Monthly Track Contest of TrackMania sees a collab track as a winner,   Ozei   deadfish and   RogueDawn. They managed to convince the five judges to high note. A beginner friendly map that combine speed and precision with dirt custom blocs, that track make it into TOTD too so a dble congratulations :) :award:

For second place we got again another collab map between two well known mappers in the community.   Rexasaurus for Route and Mediatracker and   NeoriionTM for scenery, they managed to get the 2nd spot in this MTC. A 3 min endurance map with an amazing scenery all around this long map .Amazing job guys :) :silver:

And to close this podium here is the 3rd place with a cool map from   Mikey_______, a transitional map with a good momentum that keep the 4th gear all the map. Good job to him for this third place :) :bronze:

1. Place "MTC | TRINITY by   Ozei" - 177.5/200 and 30 bonus pts: 207.5 pts in total
2. Place "MTC | Rumble Run by   Rexasaurus" - 180,5/200 and 22 bonus pts: 202.5 pts in total
3. Place "MTC || Cavalcade by   Mikey_______" - 164/200 and 32 bonus pts: 196 pts in total

Here are the placements:

Video of this month MTC:

Video coming somewhere this weekend sorry for the delay, SkylinerAka is having internet problems

You can find the full feedback of the judges in the results:

Full Results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1c5CHxbzXeNS5u0P05HWBfdJMkBzFv885xgwOGRyDXt8/edit?usp=sharing

We thanks ALL participants/judges and see you for the nexts competitions!
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2021-09-19 06:08:51  
Thank you ! <3
2021-09-19 10:17:11  
gz to the winners

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