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256x256 map?
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256x256 map? 09 August 2020 17:04:10  
Hello everybody,
i dont know if this thing is already answered somewhere, i tried looking for it but i didnt find anything. I would like to know if it is possible to make map bigger, for example 256x256, if so then how can i do it :C please lemme know, thanks<3
11 August 2020 06:43:49  


or here:

"256³ base (no sound bug) with stadium by   bartsimpson94

The first ones have some sound bugs that makes the ingame sound super loud, the second one seems to have some other bugs though :( (and the stadium is still there)
Blocks are our friends <3
19 August 2020 13:42:01  
Cool! Do you know how some get rid of the ground aswell?

EDIT: https://trackmania.exchange/maps/15660/256-base-void-sound-bug-workaround
EDIT2: The map crashes my game unfortunately :(
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