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by  OregoX  |  14
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AT   00:41.628 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
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# Record User Score Date
1st   00:41.522  deadfish 14 (100%)
2nd   00:41.828  OregoX 11.2 (80%)
3rd   00:42.830  threading 9.1 (65%)
4th   00:45.391   eyebo 7.7 (55%)
 Author Comments
Welcome TrackmaniaExchange,

to my next adventure. This time in a dystopia, where the nuclear world war has destroyed the world and caused a nuclear winter covering the map in snow. Your taks ti to survive the:


:build: Estimated building time:
Really hard to estimate. I would guess around: 20-30h as usual.

🎢 Track Deskription:
The track itself is ~42sec long Gear4 freemode dirt map, with some bits of tarmac and support platform.
MediaTracker, GPS, Intro, custom music, all that stuff I want to have in my map to get it released. :d
+ Vanilla Scenery again. I just love to build vanilla (sometimes vanilla+)

🏅 Author Medal:
The author medal is driven by me of course and this time I got some really solid time. Took me quite some tries and figured out some lines. I'm very happy with my AT on this one.
AT is set and displayed a GPS, bc I had to make some changes to the map

📸 Screenshot:
I've tried again to make some thumbnail on my own. I think it's not that bad, even though It cannot compete with top tier thumbnails.^^

🚧 Signs:
I tried something really really dangerours. No signs!!! I hope the sign police won't find me.
They did. So I added now one sign. :(

🎶 Music:
Was not easy to find something fitting well. At the end I stayed on Deus Ex soundtrack.
Deus Ex - Mankind Divided, G.A.R.M.

:award: 20 :award: 23.03.2023

🎮 Testers and Feeback:
  asse.4W was a super helpful hand as well as "Map Review". Who would have thought that they really could properly give me feedback.^^

Easter Eggs:
No real Easter Eggs in here, but I took quite some time to create details to the scenery, even though some things cannot be seen by driving. ^^ But... That's just how I build scenery. :d

🏗 Building Difficulties:
The only difficulties I had was performance stuff. I wanted to add so much more details to the map, but every little detail lowers the FPS. So I tried to reduce the amount of details with building that are not near to you to get a bit of a performace boost, as well as deleting all support blocks underneave the map.

Good Luck. 🙌
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 Track Feature

Impressive use of vanilla scenery here with a fun route!

Feature time: -   eyebo