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 Lost Archives Ft Sp4ck0

by  Oclavukixus +1 |  17
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AT   00:46.858 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  95971 
 2023-02-26 22:09:47
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
 Oclavukixus — Scenery
 Sp4ck0 — Route
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# Record User Score Date
1st   00:46.283  sobral97 17 (100%) 18-03-23
2nd   00:46.821  slowpiou 13.6 (80%) 18-03-23
3rd   00:48.855  manu2k21 11.05 (65%) 22-03-23
4th   00:49.061  Sinse420 9.35 (55%) 21-03-23
5th   00:49.620   Lynnwicked 7.82 (46%) 20-03-23
 Author Comments
"Lost Archives" is a thrilling Trackmania map that takes you on a ride through a massive library filled with twists and turns, and some small dirt sections that bring in a touch of nature.

As you start the race, you'll find yourself winding through the aisles of the library, navigating between bookshelves; The tight turns and narrow paths will test your racing skills.

The library's architecture is stunning, with towering columns and arches that create a sense of grandeur and history. As you race through, you'll catch glimpses of rare books and manuscripts on the shelves, adding to the atmosphere of mystery and intrigue.

Along the way, you'll also encounter some small dirt sections that break up the library's polished floors and introduce a bit of natural terrain. These parts of the map require a different approach to racing, as you'll need to adapt to the looser surface and find the best lines through the rough patches.

Overall, "Lost Archives" is a unique and challenging map that blends together elements of history, culture, and nature. With its intricate design and varied terrain, it's sure to provide a thrilling racing experience for players of all levels.

-Thanks ChatGPT
 Embedded objects27 Objects
Object IX? Object author
rock_2_xs_gray.Item.gbx Nightwolf93
Owlstatue.Item.gbx Oclavukixus
ZZLibrary21.Item.gbx Oclavukixus
Bookshelf1.Item.gbx Oclavukixus
bookshelf3.Item.gbx Oclavukixus
Lampforlibrary.Item.gbx Oclavukixus
Collection_68.Item.gbx Helzinka
Collection_77.Item.gbx Helzinka
Collection_80.Item.gbx Helzinka
Y_Mini_Pltf_Flat_Turbo2.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
Z_Mini_Pltf_Flat_Turbo1.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
Light_Point_FC0_D00256_I00007.Item.gbx stupskiesel.nc
Light_Point_DEF_D00064_I00007.Item.gbx stupskiesel.nc
GrassRemover.Block.Gbx Zai
Spot_W.Item.Gbx StunTMan
lamppost.Item.Gbx 58CHz0bXQC2vGoq_nBLK0w
LibraryCP1.Item.Gbx 58CHz0bXQC2vGoq_nBLK0w
LibraryCP2.Item.Gbx 58CHz0bXQC2vGoq_nBLK0w
LibraryCP3.Item.Gbx 58CHz0bXQC2vGoq_nBLK0w
LibraryCP4.Item.Gbx 58CHz0bXQC2vGoq_nBLK0w
LibraryCP5.Item.Gbx 58CHz0bXQC2vGoq_nBLK0w
LibraryCP7.Item.Gbx 58CHz0bXQC2vGoq_nBLK0w
LibraryCP8.Item.Gbx 58CHz0bXQC2vGoq_nBLK0w
LibraryCP9.Item.Gbx 58CHz0bXQC2vGoq_nBLK0w
LibraryFin.Item.Gbx 58CHz0bXQC2vGoq_nBLK0w
LibraryFin2.Item.Gbx 58CHz0bXQC2vGoq_nBLK0w
LibraryStart.Item.Gbx 58CHz0bXQC2vGoq_nBLK0w
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