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AT   00:30.950 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
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 13 July 2020 11:00:58
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Hey Guys,
This is my first track i made for this Trackmania.
I tried to re imagine an old track i made for TMNF.
This Track was a very special one for me so i wanted to give it a second try.
Here is the description from the TMNF Exchange:

Irish says:
Hey friends
This time it's a special Track.
It's a Track for Joey, he was one of my best friends for my whole life.
I said was, because he passed away some weeks ago.
This track is a dedication to him, because we had a lot of road trips just for being together and talking bout useless ssh it and sometimes we even talked about our feelings and stuff, but i think this is not the point to mourn that time.
I think somehow building this track was part of my way to let him go and to process his death.
Name comes from a very famous Song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Sorry for being that sentimental here are the Tacks facts:

Length: 28 Seconds (Joeys age)
Style: Fullspeed (we went Fullspeed every time)
Obstacles: None (there were no obstacles on the roads we traveled)
Block: Road only (obvious)
Special: The track builds a circle. (Try to interpret that for yourself)

Big thanks to all my Beta testers and the guys helping me to build this track.

I actually did not get the map to 28 seconds, but i wanted it to end in the "fake" finish , because it resembles the circle way better, because Joey obviously wouldn't be 28 anymore and i felt that I am closer to finish grieving and becoming one with my feelings again.

Thank you   squiki.wp for that awesome screenshot.   squiki.wp has no maps right now for me to showcase, so he asked me to showcase this track by   simo_900.

Big Screen <3

€: Altered the start for better driveability