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 SkiFreak's Evil Lair

by  SkiFreak +1 |  10
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AT   01:03.878 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Lunatic 
ID  80188 
  Trial FullSpeed    
 2022-11-08 14:44:35
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
 SkiFreak — Evilge
 Whiskey.wp — Scenery
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 SkiFreak  |    That Ski Freak
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1st   2:05:31.952  SamZim 10 (100%) 12-11-22
 Author Comments
Can YOU make the BIG JUMP?!?!?

That's right, the BIG JUMP IS BACK, and it's EVEN BIGGER!!! Welcome, to my Evil lair.

This track consists of 3 speedchecks, each of which require near perfection to make smoothly and are preceded by a precision section. Each section has a checkpoint to go along with it, I tried to make sure that at least once you know what you are supposed to do the checkpoints will be helpful rather than annoying. I also made quite the effort to avoid one of the other issues with most other 'hell' maps on tmx, momentum shift before speedchecks. Having to balance sding and PFing into the awful small platform ramps is the real hell, so I used a combination of cruise control (you won't gain speed from speed drifting during cruise control on this map) and longer ramps to ensure the only thing that matters is your speed. Speaking of which, this was incredibly frustrating to build, mostly because trying to make everything affect your speed by a similar amount and ensuring there are no inconsistencies that would introduce variance by even a few kmh was a huge pain in the ass. For that reason, I probably wont make another hell type map anytime soon. Also the gps isn't particularly good, I've had +5-10 more speed at most sections but I don't have time to make a faster one.

Anyway I'm going skiing now bye enjoy the pain while I'm gone Evilge

If this map is too difficult for you, check out this one:

(This map was updated to fix signs, you can find the old leaderboard here.)
 Embedded objects37 Objects
Object IX? Object author
road_tech_straight_hole.Item.gbx squikeay
pcec_2X_flat_in.Item.gbx squiki
pbb_curve_2X2_flat_in.Item.gbx squiki
4x4Up3LeftBankedToWallPlatform.Item.gbx Juice
S_PT_Chi_Flat_BRight_Up1_Left1_Size5.Item.gbx Juice
T_RT_Str_Flat_Flat_Up1_Center_Size4.Item.gbx Juice
PlatformTechBiSlopeToSlope2Straight.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
PlatformTechSlope2Start2x1.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
PlatformTechSlope2StraightToBiSlope.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
PlatformTechSlopeWithHole24m.Block.Gbx iNDEX
PlatformTechSlopeStartTriangleTopRight8x8m.Item.Gbx iNDEX
RoadTechBumpDownSlopeHD.Item.Gbx iNDEX
BlackBarNoTM.Block.Gbx N4AIeHDuRp-_bhaGMaXBMw
Banked_Road_indent_double.Item.Gbx MrFunreal
Pole_Cover_Platform_Flat.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Platform_Tilted.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Platform_Tilted_Single.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Road_Banked.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Road_Flat.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Road_Flat_Single.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Road_Tilted_Single.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Platform_Flat.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Platform_Tilted.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Platform_Tilted_Single.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Road_Flat_Single.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
WideNoBrake.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
WideNoEngine.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
WideReset.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
TrenchGroundRemover.Block.Gbx sqr1SiV3T2uGps1Fd52ykQ
Ramp625HalfD.Item.Gbx Rxelux
Ramp625Half.Item.Gbx Rxelux
SlopeLoopStart.Item.Gbx BLUTIG
WoodSlopeLoopStart.Item.Gbx BLUTIG
Pole_Cover_Road_Tilted_Single1mdown.Item.Gbx 2tuvKOe1Qpu_N4yMFBn89A
cakeWallHalf_3_Platform.Item.Gbx flashtube
wallRideEntrySmoothener3Right.Item.Gbx flashtube
zRoadEndAddon.Item.Gbx wM4EenGVSri9DD_bAMGavw
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