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  Rosy bliss

by  aylarockstar  |  10
AT   00:44.221 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  70128 
  SpeedFun Plastic    
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1st   00:45.847  Djip 10 (100%)
 Author Comments
I made this map because it's the kind of track that I could hunt for hours and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! I finished it a while ago but forgot to upload it. Watch out for the poles as you bob and weave between high speed plastic turns! Also shoutout to Sophie for help with map testing. Enjoy!
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PlatformPlasticSlope2Start_Halfheight.Item.Gbx iNDEX
PlatformPlasticSlope2Straight_Halfheight.Item.Gbx iNDEX
zPlatformPlasticSlope2End_Halfheight.Item.Gbx v5E4-ypYSX6uEVjr1aAeQg
FlatToHalfBankedTech.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
PlatformTechSlope2Start_CurfIn_9x9.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
PlasticRoadFinish.Block.Gbx Wolfpuppy23
PlasticRoadStart.Block.Gbx Wolfpuppy23
PlasticRoadCurve5.Block.Gbx Wolfpuppy23
0ZZZCP-stripe.Item.Gbx 3CmZnq1RS62gPvT03ZJsHg
1CP-stripe-x2.Item.Gbx 3CmZnq1RS62gPvT03ZJsHg
1ZZZCP-stripe.Item.Gbx 3CmZnq1RS62gPvT03ZJsHg
2CP-stripe-x2.Item.Gbx 3CmZnq1RS62gPvT03ZJsHg
2ZZZCP-stripe.Item.Gbx 3CmZnq1RS62gPvT03ZJsHg
3CP-stripe-x2.Item.Gbx 3CmZnq1RS62gPvT03ZJsHg
4CP-stripe-x2.Item.Gbx 3CmZnq1RS62gPvT03ZJsHg
5CP-stripe-x2.Item.Gbx 3CmZnq1RS62gPvT03ZJsHg
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