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 MTC - Solstice

by  Tona +2 |  16
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AT   03:16.945 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Advanced 
ID  66249 
 2022-06-21 17:00:01
 Visible (approved) |  Released    2022-06-21T17:00:00.0000000 
 Tona — Route
 Ealipse — Scenery
  Nightwolf93 — Scenery + MT + thumbnail
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 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   03:16.995  jakeray 16 (100%) 29-06-22
2nd   03:24.095  Minimariner 12.8 (80%) 21-06-22
3rd   03:38.652  manu2k21 10.4 (65%) 22-06-22
4th   04:21.986  skai16 8.8 (55%) 27-06-22
 Author Comments

🌞 June 21st is the longest day in the Northern Hemispher, and it's also the longest TOTD ever! This map also fits the June 2022 MTC theme, and we will be competing in it.

:build: Mega thanks to scenery masters Nightwolf and Ealispe who did an incredible work. This map should be playable on most of the computers and we hope you will have fun on it!

Let the hunt begin! :award:

 Embedded objects28 Objects
Object IX? Object author
EnduranceRockYEPdingboms.Item.gbx Ealipse
EnduranceWater.Item.gbx Ealipse
Landscape.Item.gbx Ealipse
LandscapePillars.Item.gbx Ealipse
DirtRoad.Item.gbx Ealipse
Grass.Item.gbx Ealipse
Ice.Item.gbx Ealipse
Plastic.Item.gbx Ealipse
Tarmac.Item.gbx Ealipse
cp1.Item.Gbx u_aMSzgsSo2w8Ujw-oRhTA
CPGPS.Item.Gbx u_aMSzgsSo2w8Ujw-oRhTA
TMWC_Speakers_01.Item.gbx u_aMSzgsSo2w8Ujw-oRhTA
TMWC_Spectators_01.Item.gbx u_aMSzgsSo2w8Ujw-oRhTA
TMWC_Spectators_02.Item.gbx u_aMSzgsSo2w8Ujw-oRhTA
TMWC_Spectators_03b.Item.gbx u_aMSzgsSo2w8Ujw-oRhTA
start-stripe.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
Light_Point_Blue_3.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
Light_Point_Orange_3.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
Light_Point_White_2.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
htimh_rock08var.Item.gbx htimh1
htimh_rock12var.Item.gbx htimh1
CPtriggerdings.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
CPtriggerdingsbanked.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
CPtriggerdingsBigmofo.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
CPtriggerdingsmedium.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
CPtriggerdingsverysmool.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
EnduranceCPdings.Item.gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
DirtPlat.Item.gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
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 Track Feature

A clear winner for June MTC! Some might have play this in a totd, otherwise let's drive through all the seasons in this mixed endurance.

Feature time: 2022-09-21 02:00:00-  r_teroor