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 topsy-turvy [OSGG Rivals]

by  Zwirrlicht_  |  0
AT   00:47.868 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  52892 
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2nd map of the german cup "OSGG Rivals" hosted by Osnabrück Gaming e.V. on twitch.tv/osna_gaming

The cup was held on 19/02/2022
 Embedded objects8 Objects
Object IX? Object author
FlatToBankedMidLeft2x2Grass.Item.gbx Juice
WideCruiseControl.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
ZZZCP-stripe.Item.Gbx 1hQaX_h5TiG8r96WElL8rQ
Finish-arc-x2.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
TechToDirtTiltUpLeftChicane1.Item.Gbx slowpiou
CP-stripe-road-flat-leftrespawn.Item.Gbx OiNdlS6mRZysC8XkcZL_LA
cpleft.Item.Gbx OiNdlS6mRZysC8XkcZL_LA
WiderReset.Block.Gbx OiNdlS6mRZysC8XkcZL_LA
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