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 Mooving Man

by  Mariogalaxie  |  23
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AT   00:51.894 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  48175 
 2022-01-14 23:11:44
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 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   00:53.264  GwammTV 23 (100%) 11-01-22
2nd   00:53.660  slowpiou 18.4 (80%) 11-01-22
3rd   00:54.592   Gold.TM 14.95 (65%) 11-01-22
4th   00:55.130  Fayde 12.65 (55%) 19-01-22
5th   00:55.917   manu2k21 10.58 (46%) 16-01-22
6th   00:57.075  Vasify 9.2 (40%) 11-01-22
 Author Comments
Made from random ideas found on mx and lots of hours in the editor.

 Embedded objects35 Objects
Object IX? Object author
PlatformMagneticSlope2End2x1.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
PlatformTechSlope2End2x1.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
PlatformTechSlope2Start2x1.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
HalfWallentry.Item.Gbx -U2Tf-veRoamTXn12wYjPA
WideSlowMotion.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
CP-stripe.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
Finish-stripe.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
MiniTriangleHalfBankedTech2.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
MiniHalfBankedTech.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
PltfHalfBankedToPltfBanked2BL2Dirt.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
PltfFlatToPltfHalfBankedHighLeft4BLDirt.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
PltfFlatToPltfHalfBankedLowLeft4BLDirt.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
FlatToHalfBankedDirt.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
HalfBankedTech.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
DirtFlatToBanked4L.Item.Gbx Rxelux
DirtFlatToBanked5L.Item.Gbx Rxelux
PlatformBankedToFlat3R.Item.Gbx Rxelux
DirtBankedToFlat5R.Item.Gbx Rxelux
WallToBanked2L2.Item.Gbx Rxelux
HTIMH_Mushroom1.Item.gbx htimh1
HTIMH_Mushroom2.Item.gbx htimh1
HTIMH_Mushroom3.Item.gbx htimh1
HTIMH_NatureRock1.Item.gbx htimh1
HTIMH_NatureRock10.Item.gbx htimh1
HTIMH_NatureRock2.Item.gbx htimh1
HTIMH_NatureRock3.Item.gbx htimh1
HTIMH_NatureRock4.Item.gbx htimh1
HTIMH_NatureRock5.Item.gbx htimh1
HTIMH_NatureRock7.Item.gbx htimh1
HTIMH_NatureRock9.Item.gbx htimh1
fence gate closed 1.Item.Gbx Taccnien
GPSLabelYellow.Item.Gbx mariejuku
Building_1.Item.gbx RedChoc
Building_2.Item.gbx RedChoc
GP-F.Item.Gbx wMBUCAxgQo-zKYnlcCkF3g
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