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by  Keissla.wp  |  24
AT   09:30.542 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Advanced 
ID  4363 
 02 August 2020 19:52:05
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Record User Score Date
 08:21.353   Mudda 24 (100%) 07-10-20
 09:50.568  Laki 19.2 (80%) 27-10-20
 10:15.798  say892 15.6 (65%) 16-11-20
 10:18.957   TrounoirTM 13.2 (55%) 06-10-20
 10:27.548  SparklingW 11.04 (46%) 07-10-20
 13:27.853  Minimariner 9.6 (40%) 07-10-20
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 Author Comments

Map built for Trackmania Grand League Fall 2020. Some of you might be surprised to see a TMGL map from me since I didn't always speak kindly about TMGL and its mapping processes (which I still don't agree entirely with). But when Softy asked me recently, I thought i'd give it another chance since its a new game and new blocks to work with. In TM² I didn't really enjoy building this style of maps, but with these new blocks its a bit easier to make things of different styles go well together.

I think the map ended up quite nice considering how strict the requirements and rules are for TMGL mapping, its a good mix of some tech, some speedy parts and dirt. The identity is actually decent too which was one of my biggest worries when mapping for TMGL, but this one is fairly simple. Shout out to Selena for the original identity idea (from Wirtual's identity mapping competition), although I of course adapted the idea to the new blocks and possibilities in the new game.

I hope you will enjoy the map, no matter if you play in TMGL, OGL or just for fun.

Track guide by Papou

Map discovery video by Spam

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TMGL Fall 2020  Ubisoft Nade... 16