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by  Newtron +1 |  79
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AT   00:45.014 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  39553 
 01 October 2021 17:30:37
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
 Newtron — scenery, mediatracker
  Osoguineapig — route, gps, at
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Trackmania TOTD October #09 - INTERLAKEN | ZeStabby - 42.044 World Record Trackmania 2020 World Records  SkyLinerAka
INTERLAKEN - World Record by ZeStabby - TRACKMANIA Track of the Day GwammTM  GwammTV
 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   00:42.044  ZeStabby 79 (100%) 11-10-21
2nd   00:43.856   Osoguineapig 63.2 (80%) 04-10-21
3rd   00:44.691  agrabou 51.35 (65%) 05-10-21
4th   00:45.216   Nightwolf93 43.45 (55%) 08-10-21
5th   00:45.489  Newtron 36.34 (46%) 02-10-21
6th   00:45.744   Ealipse 31.6 (40%) 01-10-21
7th   00:45.902  Terrasil 27.65 (35%) 09-10-21
8th   00:46.709   deadfish 23.7 (30%) 01-10-21
9th   00:47.379  GeenDeen 20.54 (26%) 10-10-21
10th   00:48.277  jho 17.38 (22%) 19-10-21
11th   00:54.348   quintcore 15.01 (19%) 10-10-21
12th   01:17.496   j00kluch 12.64 (16%) 06-10-21
 Author Comments
Enjoy an icy route leading through a pretty resort located in between two frozen lakes, surrounded by a huge snowy mountain range :cool:

  Osoguineapig did a fantastic job imo building a smooth route with the innovative concept of driving the same track twice but in different directions, making it a whole new experience. This track allows to push your time by going very precise and tight everywhere, making it feel almost like a tech map. It's also great practice to get a feel for ice and improve your slides.

Scenery was definitely a nice challenge as this is my first full ice map. I really wanted to do something special here and tried to go for a realistic rather than a cartoonish look. Quite happy with the result :build:

Have fun!
 Embedded objects71 Objects
Object IX? Object author
Nz_LongPileRock8.Item.Gbx abfYizZETsG-znXgjmou0w
Nz_PileRock8.Item.Gbx abfYizZETsG-znXgjmou0w
Hs_TallishRockSnow4.Item.Gbx abfYizZETsG-znXgjmou0w
PlatformTechShim2m.Item.Gbx banjee»UD
LightPole.Item.Gbx niZe
Rocks7.Item.Gbx niZe
Rocks8.Item.Gbx niZe
Rocks9.Item.Gbx niZe
DeadTree1.Item.Gbx niZe
DeadTree3.Item.Gbx niZe
FallenTree.Item.Gbx niZe
FallenTree4.Item.Gbx niZe
Logs.Item.Gbx niZe
Coincoin S.Item.Gbx Jak-Jak
Light_SpotPoint_White_2.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
PlatformIceSlope2Start_CurfOut_2x2.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
Z_Mini_Pltf_Flat_Turbo1.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
DHA_S_P_Ci_2x2.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
DHA_S_P_Tri.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
Leaf1Smurf01vSmolExtraPlant1.Item.Gbx SchurkSmurf
Leaf1Smurf01vSmolExtraPlant2.Item.Gbx SchurkSmurf
wLeaf1Smurf01vSmolExtraPlant3.Item.Gbx SchurkSmurf
Edinburgh-Roadclosed.Item.Gbx htimh1
Edinburgh_house_01.Item.gbx htimh1
Edinburgh_house_02.Item.gbx htimh1
Edinburgh_house_04.Item.gbx htimh1
Edinburgh_house_05.Item.gbx htimh1
snowman_update.Item.Gbx depehu
winterhouse1.Item.Gbx depehu
winterhouse2.Item.Gbx depehu
winterhouse3.Item.Gbx depehu
HangingLantern.Item.Gbx Yorsh
RichCity_ArchExtrude.Item.gbx Yorsh
RichCity_ArrowStick_Light_x2.Item.gbx Yorsh
RichCity_Column8.Item.gbx Yorsh
RichCity_Piedestal.Item.gbx Yorsh
RichCity_FenceCurve1_x2.Item.gbx Yorsh
RichCity_FenceStraight_x2.Item.gbx Yorsh
Venice_Road_Straight.Item.gbx Yorsh
big Ballon.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
IceBankedToFlatT3L 2.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
hat.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
ice special cp 1.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
ice special cp 2.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
ice special cp 3.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
Terrain huuuge snow12.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
snowSmall1.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
Mountain_snow_6.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
Mountain_snow_7.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
Mountain_snow_8.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
Mountain_snow_9.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
Terrain huuuge rock11.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
Terrain huuuge snow11.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
Mountain_rock_6.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
Mountain_rock_7,1.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
Mountain_rock_7.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
Mountain_rock_8.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
Mountain_rock_9.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
Mountain_s_7,1.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
PltfFlatToPltfHalfBankedHighRight2BLIce reduced.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
PltfFlatToPltfHalfBankedLowLeft2BLIce reduced.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
PltfFlatToPltfHalfBankedLowRight2BLIce reduced.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
HalfBankedCurf2x2+3x3Ice.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
x_CheckLine3 longer.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
See through ice 2.Block.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
ice special cp 4.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
ice special cp 5.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
ice special cp 6.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
roadsign_uturn 2.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
multilap dirt alternative for banked.Block.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
PltfFlatToPltfHalfBankedHighLeft2BLIce reduced.Item.Gbx 1JY30DewTBWa9tna4EYgwA
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An icy route that takes you there and back. Enjoy the journey through this small town.

Feature time: 03 October 2021 02:00:00-   eyebo