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by   Ealipse +2 |  31
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AT   00:39.727 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  36430 
  Grass Scenery Tech    
 01 September 2021 16:31:28
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
  Ealipse — Scenery
 Neon1990 — Route
 BerzerkTM — Route
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 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   00:40.271   deadfish 31 (100%) 08-09-21
2nd   00:42.831  r_teroor 24.8 (80%) 05-09-21
3rd   00:43.546  l_urk 20.15 (65%) 11-09-21
4th   00:46.945   j00kluch 17.05 (55%) 02-09-21
5th   00:48.336   OriginalGarth 14.26 (46%) 23-09-21
6th   00:51.285  SkyLinerAka 12.4 (40%) 05-09-21
 Author Comments

Hello TrackmaniaExchange

Vanndalen is a flowy techmap with some grass. The route is made by both   BerzerkTM and   Neon1990. Scenery and mediatracker is made by me.
Thanks to all of you who have testdriven the map on Neons stream.

Gps is driven by   Teffztm
Author is driven by   Neon1990 with the time 39.72

 Embedded objects40 Objects
Object IX? Object author
Ealipses_OmegaPepega.Item.gbx NoX.Grimlock
Water3x3.Item.gbx NoX.Grimlock
WaterFall8.Item.gbx NoX.Grimlock
PlatformRamp625CM.Block.Gbx OsqkmsHkSACI76a-gAuyuw
EalipseWaterFall.Item.gbx Grimlock
Water.Item.gbx Grimlock
cavelight.Item.gbx htimh
Nz_LongPileRock8.Item.Gbx abfYizZETsG-znXgjmou0w
Nz_PileRock8.Item.Gbx abfYizZETsG-znXgjmou0w
Rocks5.Item.Gbx niZe
Rocks6.Item.Gbx niZe
Rocks7.Item.Gbx niZe
FallenTree3.Item.Gbx niZe
Light_SpotPoint_White_1.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
Light_Point_White_1.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
CP-arc.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
CP-arc.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
MiniCurfFlat9x9Grass.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
HalfRoad.Item.Gbx Helzinka
TechNarrowSide.Item.Gbx slowpiou
bumproaddark.Block.Gbx Heasto
Rocher4.1.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Pic4.2.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
TerrainBig8.Item.Gbx Heasto
TerrainBig9.Item.Gbx Heasto
TerrainVBig5.Item.Gbx Heasto
lightray.Item.Gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
Nz_LongPileRock8edited.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
Nz_PileRock8Edited2.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
Techfjell 3 Snø.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
Techfjell 3 snø2.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
Techfjell 3 snø3.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
Techfjell 3.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
Vanndalen foss.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
Techfjell1 snø1.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
Techfjell1.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
Techfjell2 snø1.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
TerrainBig8edited.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
TerrainBig8edited2.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
Vanndalen foss 2.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
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 Track Feature

An amazing beginner friendly tech map surrounded by an amazing mountain scenery with nice details. Addictiv to hunt give it a try!

Feature time: 05 September 2021 22:19:31-  r_teroor