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by  Karlberg  |  10
AT   01:09.862 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Advanced 
ID  33148 
 19 July 2021 15:44:27
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A Map Building Competition in Trackmania Karlberg  Karlberg
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1st   01:09.164   Clearvision 10 (100%) 19-07-21
 Author Comments
No custom items
No freeblock
No blockmix
No brakes
Only transitions

16h speedbuild for Wirtual's speedmapping competition during his 24h stream! :d
The rules of the competition were to build a map around a fixed start/finish base that he randomly placed on the map. I decided to limit myself further by only building on grid, without custom items and no blockmixing.

Really happy with what I managed to find during that timeframe

Author Time: 1:09.862
Build time (Route & Scenery): 8 hours route, 8 hours scenery
Weight: 14913cc
Grid: All blocks are placed in grid mode
Custom items: No custom items used
Blockmix: No blockmix
Mood: Day