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 [MTC] Cascadia

by  BE_Doomsday  |  56
Track Of The Day
AT   00:40.318 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Beginner 
ID  31159 
 22 June 2021 19:02:49
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 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   00:40.127  SkyLinerAka 56 (100%) 18-07-21
2nd   00:40.193   deadfish 44.8 (80%) 18-07-21
3rd   00:40.265  nytroza 36.4 (65%) 18-07-21
4th   00:40.706  Minimariner 30.8 (55%) 19-07-21
5th   00:41.356  NuuVo 25.76 (46%) 24-06-21
6th   00:41.458   Dam_El_Pouleto 22.4 (40%) 19-07-21
7th   00:41.478  AvondaleZPR 19.6 (35%) 18-07-21
8th   00:42.088  dackstone 16.8 (30%) 22-06-21
9th   00:42.138  skai16 14.56 (26%) 18-07-21
10th   00:42.772   j00kluch 12.32 (22%) 19-07-21
11th   00:42.878  Kantyor 10.64 (19%) 18-07-21
12th   00:43.204   Tigerbott 8.96 (16%) 19-07-21
 Author Comments
Hey there!

Usually I'm not really addicted to dirt but i thought "why not!" And so i can present you my MTC June map for the theme "Offroad Rally" where you have to build a 75% Dirt Map with the option of bonus points and some penalty points.

One of the penalty points was that if you use the 5th gear u will get -5 points but i decidet to deal with it to build a flowy dirt fullspeed map with a nice summer-island-vibed scenery.

Special thanks goes to   StunTMan and   stupskiesel for helping me to extract the waterfall out of the nadeo block, the birds and the scenery idea! :heart:

So enough said. I hope you enjoy the map and the scenery! Happy hunting! :heart:

Achieved requirements:
-Using custom dirt blocks from IX (If you create some new ones 2 extra points will be given)
-At least one no slide turn on a dirt surface (first left turn)
-Using the official TMX signpack at least 2 in the entire map
-Add a beautiful image into your map thumbnail in TMX
-Add a GPS
-Add an Intro

Achieved penalty points:
-If the 5th gear is used (Obvious the whole map cause its fullspeed)
 Embedded objects124 Objects
Object IX? Object author
Rocher6.10.1.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.10.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.11.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.12.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.13.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.2.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.9.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.6.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.6.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.7.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.8.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.8.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.8.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.3.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.4.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.5.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.5.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.5.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.6.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.11.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.12.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.12.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.13.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.13.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.13.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Pic5.3.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Pic5.4.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.1.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.10.1.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.11.1.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.11.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.8.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.9.1.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.9.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.9.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Pic5.1.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Pic5.2.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.6.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.6.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.7.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.7.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.7.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.8.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.5.1.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.5.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.5.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.5.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.6.1.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.6.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.2.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.2.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.3.1.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.3.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.4.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.4.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.12.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.12.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.13.1.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.13.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.13.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.13.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.10.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.10.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.11.1.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.11.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.11.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.12.1.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.6.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.7.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.9.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.1.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.1.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher5.10.1.Item.Gbx Heasto
filler_basic_1X_d.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_corner_in_1X_d.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_corner_in_2X_d.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_corner_out_1X_d.Item.gbx squikeay
cliff_corner_in_1X_Z96_d.Item.gbx squikeay
cliff_corner_in_2X_Z96_d.Item.gbx squikeay
cliff_corner_out_2X_Z96_d.Item.gbx squikeay
Spooky_HangingArrow.Item.Gbx Yorsh
PlatformDirtBiSlope2Start.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
Empty.Block.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
M2_PlatformTechTiltTransition2UpRight.Block.Gbx BE_Doomsday
M2_PlatformTechWallStraight.Block.Gbx BE_Doomsday
VolcanoX3.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
LoopHalfTriangleDirt02x3.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
WallToBanked3R2.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
CP-stripex3_MTC_June_6.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
CP-stripex3_MTCJune.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
Finish-stripe-BigTrigger.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
Y_Mini_Pltf_Flat_Turbo2.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
Z_Pltf_Flat_Turbo1.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
MiniFlatTech.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
Gans.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
Möwe_1.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
Möwe_2.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
CP-stripe-x2-banked-R_MTCJune.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
CP-arc-x2_MTC_June.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
CP-stripe_MTC_June_5.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
cliff_straight_2X_Z96_d.Item.gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
cliff_straight_Z96_d.Item.gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
cliff_corner_out_1X_Z96_i.Item.gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
Steam.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
Baby_Gans.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
Ente.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
PlatformRamp1M_Long.Block.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
Waterfall.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
Waterfall_Curve.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
Waterfall_NotThatSamll.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
Waterfall_Small.Item.Gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
cliff_corner_out_1X_Z96_d.Item.gbx zlX_rqZoR7mzID4eblGOkg
RampBanked625R.Item.Gbx Rxelux
DirtPlatformSlopeToBankedR.Item.Gbx Rxelux
Z_Mini_Pltf_Flat_Turbo1.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
PltfFlatToPltfHalfBankedLowLeft4BLTech.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
x_water_splash.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
VOID.Block.Gbx 1hQaX_h5TiG8r96WElL8rQ
PlatformDirtBiSlope2End.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
PlatformDirtBiSlope2Straight.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
PlatformDirtBiSlopeToSlope2Straight.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
Z93_Curve_32m.Item.Gbx sorrow
Z95_Curve_16m.Item.Gbx sorrow
Z97_Straight_16m.Item.Gbx sorrow
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