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by   squiki.wp  |  66
AT   00:54.975 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  30274 
  FullSpeed Scenery    
 07 June 2021 16:23:07
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   00:54.463  Evo.Chroma 66 (100%) 09-06-21
2nd   00:54.700  TheLastCxmBender 52.8 (80%) 07-06-21
3rd   00:55.367  Everyrev3 42.9 (65%) 13-06-21
4th   00:55.983   deadfish 36.3 (55%) 11-06-21
5th   00:56.162  Mr. Birne 30.36 (46%) 14-06-21
6th   00:56.352  Wallaby 26.4 (40%) 10-06-21
7th   00:57.006   nytroza 23.1 (35%) 07-06-21
8th   00:57.308  l_urk 19.8 (30%) 12-06-21
9th   00:58.197  lefoudu32 17.16 (26%) 09-06-21
10th   00:58.518   RogueDawn 14.52 (22%) 10-06-21
 Author Comments

yo TrackmaniaExchange

it has been a while since my last map but here it is, a relatively compact fullspeeder in the normal stadium. I tried to make a kind of classic route mixed with a dense scenery. Also a big thanks to all the people who keep me motivated (:
I hope you enjoy this one and feel free to leave some feedback.


'style: fullspeed
'coppers: ~ 40k
'length: ~ 55 sec
'loops: o1
'walls: o1
'stickys: o2
'difficulty: intermediate
'scenery: dense tropical forrest styled
'Mt-work: intro and gps


 Embedded objects46 Objects
Object IX? Object author
DarkPlatformRamp2M.Block.Gbx OsqkmsHkSACI76a-gAuyuw
PlatformHalfRamp625CM.Block.Gbx OsqkmsHkSACI76a-gAuyuw
PlatformRamp625CM.Block.Gbx OsqkmsHkSACI76a-gAuyuw
filler_corner_in_1X_d.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_corner_in_2X_d.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_basic_1X_g.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_chicane_2_2X_g.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_chicane_2X_g.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_chicane_cin_2_1X_g.Item.gbx squikeay
wp_logo_white_1x_thin.Item.gbx squikeay
sign_holder_curv_1X_in.Item.gbx squikeay
sign_holder_curv_1X_out.Item.gbx squikeay
ssb_dia_single.Item.gbx squikeay
ssb_slope_end.Item.gbx squikeay
structure_support_bar_pillar.Item.gbx squikeay
wp_logo_white_1x_podium.Item.gbx squikeay
big_palm_tree_low.Item.gbx squikeay
big_palm_tree_tilted.Item.gbx squikeay
coconut.Item.gbx squikeay
fern_basic.Item.gbx squikeay
small_palm_tree_basic.Item.gbx squikeay
road_to_platform_2_X2_grass.Item.gbx squikeay
cliff_straight_2X_Z96_g.Item.gbx squikeay
cliff_straight_Z96_g.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_corner_in_2X_platform_dirt.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_corner_in_1X_platform_tech.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_corner_in_2X_platform_tech.Item.gbx squikeay
big_palm_tree_basic.Item.gbx squikeay
cliff_chicane_2_2X_Z96_g.Item.gbx squikeay
cliff_chicane_2X_Z96_g.Item.gbx squikeay
cliff_corner_in_1X_Z96_g.Item.gbx squikeay
cliff_corner_in_2X_Z96_g.Item.gbx squikeay
cliff_corner_out_1X_Z96_g.Item.gbx squikeay
cliff_corner_out_2X_Z96_g.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_chicane_cin_2X_g.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_corner_in_1X_g.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_corner_in_2X_g.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_corner_out_1X_g.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_double_chicane_V_g.Item.gbx squikeay
filler_double_cinout_g.Item.gbx squikeay
tuuuurn_up.Item.gbx Juicebert
empty border remove.Block.Gbx lyY9GN__RQSzdvUBipKvMw
RampBanked625HalfL.Item.Gbx Rxelux
RampBanked625L.Item.Gbx Rxelux
RampBanked1kR.Item.Gbx Rxelux
RampBanked2kR.Item.Gbx Rxelux
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 Track Feature

A tropical paradise awaits those willing to explore the latest fullspeed masterclass from the community veteran squiki!

Feature time: 07 June 2021 18:37:10-  SapphiroN