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by   RogueDawn  |  12
AT   00:33.100 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  28349 
 02 May 2021 23:59:01
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 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   00:32.592   deadfish 12 (100%) 03-05-21
2nd   00:33.138   RogueDawn 9.6 (80%) 04-05-21
3rd   00:33.271  prince10bee 7.8 (65%) 04-05-21
 Author Comments
A quick little grass speedfun track I made in about a day. There is one turn with a slightly tricky gear up but the rest should be no problemo (y)

Also good luck with the "fast" finish :p

UPDATE: Updated with GPS and a few more signs. UPDATE 2.0: Fixed a potential cut.
 Embedded objects6 Objects
Object IX? Object author
smoothGrassPlatformSlope2x1x1.Item.Gbx ONcWjvEGTZC_WWhrCt-fww
verySmoothGrassPlatformSlope3x1x1.Item.Gbx ONcWjvEGTZC_WWhrCt-fww
CP-stripe.Item.Gbx 1hQaX_h5TiG8r96WElL8rQ
PlatformGrassShim16m.Item.Gbx M4XjIdoGQXKANj6LpDdxUg
TrackWallArchCenterTopCurve2.Item.Gbx oH8Bza-wQjCcE4aMHt4oow
GreenBankedToFlatT4L.Item.Gbx pTuyJG9STcCN_11BiU3t0Q