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 Eastern Gallery

by  Woxx_The_Fox  |  22
AT   00:29.660 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Advanced 
ID  27822 
  Scenery Tech    
 25 April 2021 20:24:28
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   00:29.074   Dam_El_Pouleto 22 (100%) 14-05-21
2nd   00:29.698  andresaguado 17.6 (80%) 13-05-21
 Author Comments
This is the first track i ever uploaded on TMX, hope you like it,

It has custom blocks made by me(not here yet), custom ambience.

GPS time: 29.493

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWAP7fIwGnI

PS: Some people in rewiew server suggested cam3 on a wallride... Not doing that as i myself use cam2 on 'em. Also, remember - Pros are switching cams manually :d

Update #1
-Fixed music (I hope)
-Added intro

Update #2
-changed GPS behavior to a bit different one, due to game bug not reseting all the tracks after finishing, making it play almost instantly in the next atttempt
 Embedded objects23 Objects
Object IX? Object author
Ramp1BankedCurve1.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1BankedTransitionLongDeco.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1BankedTransitionLongDecoAlt.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1QuarterLoop.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1StraightToWallride.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1JoiningPieceSmall.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1SafetyGrassStraight.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1SafetyGrassStraightBump.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1SafetyGrassStraightTransition.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1SafetyGrassStraightTransitionBitUp.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1SafetyGrassup.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1QuarterPipe.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1SafetyGrassChicane1.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1SafetyGrassCurve1.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1SafetyGrassCurve2.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1SafetyGrassCurve3.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1SafetyGrassSideOnly.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1JoiningPieceSmallAlt.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1Straight.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1StraightAltItem.Gbx.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1StraightTinyUphill.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1StraightTurbo.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
Ramp1CP.Item.Gbx 9hqQ8mw_Qwe4WPWjLJ0a5Q
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