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by  BubbL3  |  26
AT   00:45.694 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  27333 
  Grass Tech    
 14 April 2021 17:53:45
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   00:46.258   Dam_El_Pouleto 26 (100%) 10-05-21
2nd   00:46.634  roxxon 20.8 (80%) 14-04-21
3rd   00:47.696   deadfish 16.9 (65%) 27-04-21
4th   00:48.258  l_urk 14.3 (55%) 08-05-21
5th   00:48.515  prince10bee 11.96 (46%) 27-04-21
 Author Comments
Heyo i hope you're fine :)

Grindin' is my second map. I really enjoy mapping.
I am constantly trying to improve my skills. It is a good balance to the many races at the moment. TCS, UTT, GTMC etc.
The map completely reflects my style, whether in the type of route or in the scenery. It's a green techy track! :)

GPS :done:

Let's go and enjoy! :cool:

-ps: Thanks Roxiie for a nice Screenshot :)
 Embedded objects25 Objects
Object IX? Object author
CP-stripe.Item.Gbx 1hQaX_h5TiG8r96WElL8rQ
DiagYSplit.Item.Gbx v5E4-ypYSX6uEVjr1aAeQg
FlatToBankedRoad.Item.Gbx pTuyJG9STcCN_11BiU3t0Q
HoleRoad.Block.Gbx 5RRDYprbTuCY_A0YEJhsLg
LightPole.Item.Gbx iOi3oJzZQVmQFmAxPPkQWw
LineGlowingYellow.Item.Gbx xvx5PFdtS1iUHGdKqm1T1w
PlatformGrassSlopeStartLong.Item.Gbx 9991f5NpQ2SftX9t6i3FGg
RoadBankedTransitionLowR.Item.Gbx pTuyJG9STcCN_11BiU3t0Q
RoadTechStraightObstacleHole.Item.Gbx v5E4-ypYSX6uEVjr1aAeQg
RoadTechTiltTransition2DiagLeft.Item.Gbx oH8Bza-wQjCcE4aMHt4oow
RoadTechToRoadBumpCurve2Mirror.Item.Gbx oH8Bza-wQjCcE4aMHt4oow
RoadTechXBeam.Block.Gbx rDDFgJy4QLC3tNaQLH0qmg
SlopeStraight.Item.Gbx 5RRDYprbTuCY_A0YEJhsLg
SlopeTurn.Item.Gbx 5RRDYprbTuCY_A0YEJhsLg
SlopTurn2.Item.Gbx 5RRDYprbTuCY_A0YEJhsLg
TechPlatformToRoad.Item.Gbx sqr1SiV3T2uGps1Fd52ykQ
TechPlatformToRoadMirror.Item.Gbx sqr1SiV3T2uGps1Fd52ykQ
TechSlopeNarrowCenter.Item.Gbx sqr1SiV3T2uGps1Fd52ykQ
TechTiltNarrowSideRight.Item.Gbx sqr1SiV3T2uGps1Fd52ykQ
TechTiltSwitchRightX2.Item.Gbx sqr1SiV3T2uGps1Fd52ykQ
TM2-Pole-Light-1.Item.Gbx 1hQaX_h5TiG8r96WElL8rQ
TM2-Pole-Light-3.Item.Gbx 1hQaX_h5TiG8r96WElL8rQ
TMN_Grass_Ground.Item.Gbx vH_XIzSnQt6uaPeP4h7pLw
TMN_Road_to_Off.Item.Gbx vH_XIzSnQt6uaPeP4h7pLw
TrackWallRound.Item.Gbx oH8Bza-wQjCcE4aMHt4oow
 Track Feature

Tech players unite! Here's a solid tech map in the traditional style for your hunting pleasure.

Feature time: 26 April 2021 03:23:01-   eyebo