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 MTC - Six By Four

by   quintcore  |  10
AT   01:15.853 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Advanced 
ID  24493 
 RPG Tech    
 20 February 2021 22:01:04
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
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 01:17.405   deadfish 10 (100%) 21-02-21
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 Author Comments
Map submission for MTC Febuary 2021 - A little bit of everything

The map has 6 "challenges" connected by techy turns. I tried to come up with a fitting/challening section for every of the special blocks, and I'm happy with the results for most of the special blocks, except for the fragile block, which was the most difficult to find something reasonably drivable. So that part turned out a bit short perhaps. Overall the map ended up being a bit longer than I had hoped, but oh well.
 Embedded objects3 Objects
Object IX? Object author
DarkPlatformRamp2M.Block.Gbx OsqkmsHkSACI76a-gAuyuw
PlatformRamp2M.Block.Gbx OsqkmsHkSACI76a-gAuyuw
RoadBankedTransitionLowL.Item.Gbx pTuyJG9STcCN_11BiU3t0Q
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MTC Febuary 2021  r_teroor 11