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 Lime Paradise

by  RadixLecti  |  0
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AT   00:46.301 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  22082 
 27 April 2021 16:40:59
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
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Lime Paradise by TheFunkySmash | Map Showcase | Trackmania 2020 SkyLinerAka  SkyLinerAka
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 Author Comments
Hey guys! Lime Paradise is my first SpeedTech map ever.

Experimented a bit with transitions and downloaded scenery items.

Scenery and transitions are inspired by OregoX and SapphiroN.

Enjoy exploring the map!
 Embedded objects6 Objects
Object IX? Object author
RoadSlopeEnd2x1Clip.Block.Gbx Willigamer
RoadTechSlopeEnd2x1Magnet.Item.Gbx Willigamer
WoodBankedToFlatT3L.Item.Gbx Rxelux
GreenBankedToFlatT3R.Item.Gbx Rxelux
WoodBankedToFlatT3R.Item.Gbx Rxelux
RoadTechSlopeEnd2x1MagnetInvis.Item.Gbx K0fOsTt8RfyDimxT2-VxJg
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Map Showcase  SkyLinerAka 81
 Track Feature

deadfish suggested this feature and said it was one of the most fun maps they played when it was released late last year. The map takes inspiration from maps by SapphiroN and OregoX.

Feature time: 21 November 2021 02:00:00-   eyebo