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 Carbon maze (TechPG)

by  NeoPlaXITy  |  31
AT   00:56.624 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Expert 
ID  18942 
  Tech RPG    
 16 October 2020 20:13:42
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   00:54.735  arteni 31 (100%) 15-12-20
2nd   00:54.845  Hazard. 24.8 (80%) 15-11-20
3rd   00:55.285  Neon1990 20.15 (65%) 18-11-20
4th   00:55.357  sorrow 17.05 (55%) 16-11-20
5th   00:57.568  Sky 14.26 (46%) 18-10-20
6th   00:59.976  kaspeer 12.4 (40%) 16-03-21
 Author Comments
So this track is something differnt, it is a combination of tech and RPG that i called "TechPG". The first time when u gonna play it it will be an full rpg but if u take some time in it (or watch the wr ghost) u gonna notice it has an acutal fast route that has good flow some drifts and advanced jumps.
Tested by the streamer Neon_1990, German Tech Monster NivO.4w, cutfinders Peakabluu and TheSkiFreak and more
Have fun and good luck :d
 Embedded objects23 Objects
Object IX? Object author
BlueWater_Asphalt_Ramp.Item.Gbx qIaWWT3sR7W74ttqn_-s6g
SimpleShitWire1.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
SimpleShitWire2.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
wCraneContainerWire12.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
WirewHook1.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
yCraneCableCart01.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
ZeeContainer01.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
ZeeContainerBlackNoDoorTM1.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
ZeeContainerRedNoDoor1.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
ZeeContainerTMBlancheNoDoor1.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
CP-stripe.Item.Gbx 1hQaX_h5TiG8r96WElL8rQ
DotMatrix1.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
DotMatrix2.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
DotMatrix3.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
DotMatrix4.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
DotMatrix5.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
DotMatrix6.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
FreeCP.Item.Gbx pTuyJG9STcCN_11BiU3t0Q
pitlanef1fence.Item.Gbx _92a5ghJS8mdXbU-e7HU7g
PlatformRamp2M.Block.Gbx OsqkmsHkSACI76a-gAuyuw
CraneRdWire1.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
ChicangeX2Left.Item.Gbx v5E4-ypYSX6uEVjr1aAeQg
WoodPlank_2x4_halfsunk.Item.Gbx qIaWWT3sR7W74ttqn_-s6g
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Name Creator Tracks Etc
Best of Non-TOTD  Ski Freak 57
2020 Q4 - RPG  JT_421 25
 Track Feature

A technical Mini RPG looking for a time under 55 seconds! Can you get it?

Feature time: 18 October 2020 07:06:54-  Sky