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 Polaris (MTC)

by  bartsimpson94  |  13
AT   00:41.491 |  Stadium / CarSport |   Advanced
ID  18782 
 14 October 2020 13:46:34
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 00:43.483  skybaxrider 13 (100%) 14-10-20
 00:44.175  timmy»UD 10.4 (80%) 21-10-20
 00:44.342  Trek 8.45 (65%) 18-10-20
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 Author Comments

Yo Trackmania Exchange,
this is my submission to the Monthly Track Contest of October 2020.

Theme of the Month: No Month for the Colorblind
Build a track that emphasizes one specific color of your choice.

This is a very tricky Tech map, but feels really satisfying once you get it fast.
I basically already was done with the layout when i found out about the Contest.

I was already thinking about making some floating islands, so i thought why not make it all snow and ice for the color theme?
also i tried to add a touch of steampunkyness with the zeppelins.
I know not everything on this map is white/ice colored, but i dont even think that would look very good. I like the green accents on the road, the red zeppelins and the yellow linings on the ice borders.

At the end, the map somehow reminded me of Atlantis, just in the air and the Snow, so i named it Polaris.
Overall im really happy how it looks and drives.
 Embedded objects22 Objects
Object IX? Object author
IceRock2.Item.Gbx LlIZxrtVSGeyRaYaHVnRKQ
IceRock3.Item.Gbx LlIZxrtVSGeyRaYaHVnRKQ
IceRock4.Item.Gbx LlIZxrtVSGeyRaYaHVnRKQ
IceRock5.Item.Gbx LlIZxrtVSGeyRaYaHVnRKQ
IceRock6.Item.Gbx LlIZxrtVSGeyRaYaHVnRKQ
IceRock7.Item.Gbx LlIZxrtVSGeyRaYaHVnRKQ
CP-stripe.Item.Gbx 1hQaX_h5TiG8r96WElL8rQ
WoodFlatToBankedDiag2L.Item.Gbx pTuyJG9STcCN_11BiU3t0Q
PlatformBankedToFlatT3R.Item.Gbx pTuyJG9STcCN_11BiU3t0Q
WoodPlatformSlopeToBankedCurveR.Item.Gbx pTuyJG9STcCN_11BiU3t0Q
rock01ice.Item.Gbx jK0_l0IiSa6I83dtOA37mw
rock02ice.Item.Gbx jK0_l0IiSa6I83dtOA37mw
rock03ice.Item.Gbx jK0_l0IiSa6I83dtOA37mw
rock04iceBIG.Item.Gbx jK0_l0IiSa6I83dtOA37mw
rock06ice.Item.Gbx jK0_l0IiSa6I83dtOA37mw
rock4ice.Item.Gbx jK0_l0IiSa6I83dtOA37mw
MyPlateformTilt2UpLeftLarge.Item.Gbx iaDVsuodSbq6irAxmOQxig
snowman_update.Item.Gbx BKSmO5NhSJGloC-jmO0rng
PlatformTechBiSlope2Straight_nowood.Item.Gbx JRyLEW2DTC-a9Fp8rjABlg
PlatformTechSlope2StraightToBiSlope.Item.Gbx oH8Bza-wQjCcE4aMHt4oow
TM2 Zeppelin.Item.Gbx CSUwUeLcTv-UoT7hR46vaw
OldWindMill01.Item.Gbx LVnuXlOMS2iy4hKruoWlww
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