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 dirty harry

by  timmy»UD  |  50
AT   00:47.445 |  Stadium / CarSport |   Beginner
ID  18657 
 Dirt Race  
 09 October 2020 07:57:47
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 Offline records
Record User Score Date
 00:46.008  AR_Down 50 (100%) 25-10-20
 00:46.170  timmy»UD 40 (80%) 10-10-20
 00:46.172  Hitchy! 32.5 (65%) 09-10-20
 00:46.256  HOFF111 27.5 (55%) 17-10-20
 00:46.485  Berslers 23 (46%) 09-10-20
 00:46.547  SapphiroN 20 (40%) 09-10-20
 00:47.192  Dam_El_Pouleto 17.5 (35%) 18-10-20
 00:48.965  pecorenzo 15 (30%) 09-10-20
 00:50.943  threading 13 (26%) 09-10-20
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 Author Comments
Hej TMX!

The other day when I was driving tracks I had since too long on my play-later-list I came to a sudden insight: I'm ******* awful at dirt. So what does one do in that moment? Build a track full of things you can't drive fast to learn that stuff. So here it is -- a pretty simple dirt track with a bunch of turn combinations and two or three jumps:d

There's no wicked transitions or stuff in the track, everyone should be able to finish it since it's pretty forgiving and the few jumps in here allow you to be pretty slow and you still make 'em. It should work pretty well for hunting, I kept finding a few more tenths here and there when I let it play on track review.:d

I'd be very happy about any feedback regarding the track and the rather simple style of it!:d

Have fnu!(brb)