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by  parhelion  |  26
AT   01:46.058 |  Stadium / CarSport |   Advanced
ID  18247 
 Dirt Scenery  
 26 September 2020 18:35:42
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
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Record User Score Date
 01:42.842  parhelion 26 (100%) 24-10-20
 01:46.912  velv 20.8 (80%) 08-10-20
 01:47.568   Sky 16.9 (65%) 06-10-20
 01:47.829  agidd 14.3 (55%) 14-10-20
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 Author Comments


    This is a symmetrical puzzle track 8-| which means, you have to deal with the same blocks on your way back (so you have a bit of memorization to do -,- unfortunately) ... but also, the route is not completely set in stone and there are variations you can take (ofc, any alternative ways you can find is encouraged) ... I honestly don't know which way is faster, so join me in the hunt for the fastest time on this puzzle track

    A small note : the start and the finish are the only blocks that mirror each other , but the rest of the track is completely symmetrical

    My intention was to build an atmospheric and chill dirt track, something that flows naturally without forcing the player into awkward situations (like hard breaking or unnecessarily slowdowns, etc) ... Despite that, the difficulty is still a bit advanced, but with just a bit of practice it becomes much easier ... so don't give up, keep playing more than a few tries - this track shines when you drive it very fast and close to the edge \o/

    Anyways, hope you enjoy this puzzle/symmetric idea

still playing ...
still building ...
still improving ...

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TMX - Best of Dirt   Sky 8
 Track Feature

An intelligently designed map that features a symmetrical route, offering you different options for finding the perfect flow and the fastest route!

Feature time: 05 October 2020 07:18:17-   Sky