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 [Trial] N․O․M․A․D

by  Whiskey.wp +10 |  10
Open to feedback
High quality
AT   52:56.764 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  144602 
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
 Whiskey.wp — cp00
 Clearvision — cp01
 Roquete.wp — cp02
 Deska — cp03
 aZixTM — cp04
 Lars — cp05
 simo_900 — cp06
 mime.wp — cp07
 Karlberg.wp — cp08
 Vixxa — cp09
 squiki.wp — scenery
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1st   1:55:27.933  lefoudu32 10 (100%)
 Author Comments
Hello TrackmaniaExchange !

Waypoint presents a collaborative trial map where 10 different Waypoint members all got to build 1 cp and an 11th made the scenery. A lot of these builders went out of their comfort zone to build their cp as they hadn’t made trial elements before. We aimed for an easy - medium difficulty since we've also tied a live event to it. Fair warning: cp lenght and difficulty is not completely consistent across the map because of this. We want to thank Sander for maptesting, Beu for server and plugin hosting and all the streamers for participating in the event. N.O.M.A.D has a combined build time of over 170 hours (most of it being squiki's scenery).

We hope you'll give it a go and be sure to let us know what you thought (if you successfully complete it 😏 )

Goodluck & Have fun!
 Embedded objects44 Objects
Object IX? Object author
structure_support_bar_pillar.Item.gbx squikeay
fabric_ramp_corner_1X1_in.Item.Gbx squiki
fabric_ramp_straight.Item.Gbx squiki
GrassRemoverBeta01.Block.Gbx SchurkSmurf
JAJA.Block.Gbx NqRHMRkkQouv_26tRkW6QQ
newwallbecausehylisisstupid.Gbx.Block.Gbx NqRHMRkkQouv_26tRkW6QQ
trialpoint_deska_tunnel.Item.Gbx lyY9GN__RQSzdvUBipKvMw
trialpoint_lars_stripe.Item.Gbx squiki
trialpoint_simo_cp.Item.Gbx lyY9GN__RQSzdvUBipKvMw
trialpoint_turtle_1.Item.Gbx squiki
trialpoint_turtle_2.Item.Gbx squiki
beam_obstacle_base_flat.Item.Gbx squiki
beam_obstacle_base_platform_banked.Item.Gbx squiki
beam_obstacle_base_platform_sloped.Item.Gbx squiki
beam_obstacle_base_road_slope.Item.Gbx squiki
beam_obstacle_mid_2m.Item.Gbx squiki
beam_obstacle_mid_8m.Item.Gbx squiki
beam_obstacle_top.Item.Gbx squiki
WP2022_Icon_1_1XL.Item.Gbx squiki
WP2022_Text_1_1XL.Item.Gbx squiki
WP2022_Text_5_1XL.Item.Gbx squiki
WP2022_Icon_6_1XL.Item.Gbx squiki
WP2022_Text_6_1XL.Item.Gbx squiki
WP2022_Icon_1_2XL.Item.Gbx squiki
WP2022_Text_1_2XL.Item.Gbx squiki
WP2022_Icon_6_2XL.Item.Gbx squiki
WP2022_Text_6_2XL.Item.Gbx squiki
spc_loop_p_decal.Item.gbx squiki
spc_loop_p_pillar.Item.gbx squiki.wp
spc_slope_p_pillar.Item.gbx squiki.wp
spc_slope_start_p_decal.Item.gbx squiki
spc_slope_bottom_1X_r_decal.Item.gbx squiki
spc_slope_bottom_1X_r_pillar.Item.gbx squiki.wp
spc_slope_r_decal.Item.gbx squiki
spc_slope_r_pillar.Item.gbx squiki.wp
structure_support_bar_pillar.Item.gbx squikeay
Pole_Cover_Platform_Flat.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Platform_Tilted.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Platform_Tilted_Single.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Road_Flat.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Road_Flat_Single.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Road_Flat2.Item.Gbx lyY9GN__RQSzdvUBipKvMw
Pole_Cover_Road_Tilted.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Road_Tilted_Single.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
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