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 Cold Brew

by  INVNE  |  10
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AT   00:43.921 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  108522 
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1st   00:42.948  Cunninlynguist. 10 (100%)
 Author Comments
Hope you enjoy my first attempt at mapping transitional.
Thanks   Exile.Pain for the intro
 Embedded objects14 Objects
Object IX? Object author
PlatformRamp2M.Block.Gbx OsqkmsHkSACI76a-gAuyuw
V_RB_Tur_BiSD_BiSU_Even_Left2_Size2.Item.gbx Juice
V_RB_Str_HBLeft_HBRight_Even_Center_Size2.Item.gbx Juice
V_RT_Tur_BiSD_BiSU_Even_Left2_Size2.Item.gbx Juice
V_RT_Str_HBLeft_BiSU_Up2_Center_Size2.Item.gbx Juice
S_PD_Str_Flat_BRight_Even_Center_Size5.Item.gbx Juice
V_PT_Tur_BRight_BRight_Even_Right2_Size2.Item.gbx Juice
U_PT_Str_Flat_BLeft_Even_Center_Size3.Item.gbx Juice
7_RoadGrassChicaneX2SlopeRight.Item.Gbx Juice
9_RoadGrassSlopeStraight.Item.Gbx Juice
PlatformTechBiSlopeBase.Item.Gbx eyebo
GrassRemover.Block.Gbx Zai
SlopeLoopStart.Item.Gbx BLUTIG
PlatformRamp312.5CM.Block.Gbx oJOMH3wlQaejODt-MiO5Iw
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