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 TMS Challenge Series - 2020 Fall

by  spetyka95 ,  viPer |  8 |  57
 Competition |  Mixed |  Stadium |  Trackmania
ID  148 
 07 September 2020 19:38:55 |  19 October 2020 20:58:00
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TMStars's Challenge Series starting this fall with the first season!
More division, more fun! On this event players playing after TA seed in some Division (with 8 players in each). Double elimination system, mixed maps. What else do you need?
Map type of the Challenge Series:
- mixed maps within 1:10 and 1:20 long (1/3 tech, 1/3 dirt, 1/3 fullspeed)
- we need not too easy, not too hard maps (easy to learn, hard to master)
- only day or sunrise allowed
- 5 maps picked /event
- blockmix and custom blocks allowed, if that not make bugs or glitches
- cherry tree not allowed
- coop mapping allowed
- map publish before the event is not allowed
- maximum 6 maps/author
- map name: $i$fc3TMS $000- $fffyourmapsname $000'$900CS
- signpack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jm9r707hsgrgt5x/tms_signpack_fall2020.zip?dl=0
Join our discord channel for more news: https://discord.gg/Y9h7C4t
We waiting for your maps!
Deadline of map contribution: 2020.10.25.24:00
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