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 6x6 Campaign Competition

by  Osoguineapig |  6 |  62
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 09 June 2021 14:19:45 |  10 June 2021 20:23:40

Hello and welcome to Oso's 6x6 Campaign Competition, with a $300 prize pool!

The premise is simple:
6 maps
6 unique map styles
6x6 block footprint
:award: :award: :award: 6 WINNERS :award: :award: :award:

Continue reading below for useful information about this mappack / competition!

:build: MAPS :build:

All six maps featured in this competition were built entirely inside a 6x6 block footprint, a concept of which I was inspired by Karlberg and Totox

Clutch | AT: 00:53.837 | A tight road-tech map to test your precise drifting skills
Attraction | AT: 01:04.047 | An insane, magnet filled FullSpeed map, complete with crazy twists, loops, and jumps that will leave you asking... "why?"
Clay | AT: 01:06.078 | An 100% dirt map, complete with wall hugging, bugslides, and more
Turf | AT: 01:12.358 | A wild grass-tech map with plenty of slides and a pinch of acrobatics
Ice Cube | AT: 01:24.563 | A twisting ride through a compact maze of icy turns and slides
Fortitude | AT: 04:00.148 | A mixed multilap map built for endurance... with, you guessed it, 6 laps ;)

DISCLAIMER: some of these tracks are quite tricky / wonky, and will not be for everybody!
:done: Join club "Oso's Club" to access and play the full campaign!:done:

:award: PRIZES :award:

Prizes will be given out in a somewhat similar manner to the recent CCC competition, but with notable differences, detailed below:

:gold: 1st place: $100
:silver: 2nd place: $50
:bronze: 3rd place: $25
:d 4th place: $15
:) 5th place: $10

Additionally, all players who earn a :silver: silver medal or higher on all six tracks can enter the Raffle to win an additional $100 :done: !
Being one of the previously mentioned winners does NOT exclude you from being entered to win this raffle!

:o 1 lucky player: $100

In order to be eligible for the raffle, please submit a screenshot of your progress in the campaign on the 6x6-cc-screenshots channel on my Discord by the end of the competition! Prizes are in USD, so exchange rates may apply.

:done: COMPETITION DATES! :done:

This campaign competition begins NOW (June 9) and will be closed on Friday, June 25 at 3pm PST (Midnight CEST)

Feel free to join the Discord to discuss anything related to this competition!
You can reach me personally for any reason / question on Discord --> Osoguineapig#7193

:d Have fun and good luck! :d

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