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 RNG White

by  minced_ |  10 |  97
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 25 March 2021 14:03:12 |  25 March 2021 14:15:19
Welcome to the RNG Mappack.

This pack is also available as "RNG Solo" campaign in Trackmania club "Engines Stuttgart".
For every map, I let a random number generator pick which I have to place next with the map still being finishable.
Track parts were rolled with numbers from 1-12 and a maximum of 4 steps per block.

Additional mapping rules:
If the track part changes the road type, and necessary, a standard flat connector track part is added.
X/Y/Z/Tilt of each block is adjusted manually.
Start and Finish are usually placed by hand after the corresponding amount of blocks. If RNG decides to end the track with a finish, the track ends.
If a start is rolled, re-roll.

You can check out the sequence for each map in this Google Doc.
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