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by  P-A ,  Goat_Frr |  5 |  0
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ID  1717 
 2022-06-22 23:13:02 |  2022-06-26 20:24:57
:award: The Rhino Cup is a cup mode tournament about 5 short maps (around 30s) from our campaign that are easy to learn and hard to master (hope so).

💵 It's our first edition and we're not professional at all so there only gonna be a little cash prize of 10 euros on Instant Gaming.

🗓 It will take place the 30 June at 2pm

📹 The streamer HiBillyICanFly will cover the event.

🗨 You can find all the maps of the tournament on TMX at https://trackmania.exchange/s/m/1717 or just look for the green campaign's maps of the Rhino Club

📋 More info and registration : https://discord.gg/HD82nKuxJB

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