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 Shootmania LOL Map's

by  dom |  5 |  0
  LOL Scenery Mini    
ID  1697 
 2022-06-19 19:22:02 |  2022-06-19 19:24:16
dom and Ayfx present

Some weird ass shit

We found the mechanic in Openplanet where we could change the charactertype and well... here we are.
A series of huntable Mini "Character-Pilot shorts" aka "Shootmania LOL" maps.

There's plenty of small timesaving tricks hidden here, including "Jump Zoops" and lots of airtime reduction.

AT's should be pretty easy after finding all the timesaving tricks that I have so far, so good luck maximizing the times on these.

Side note: These maps (as far as we have found) are only playable on Keyboard and mouse.

Right mouse click to jump, hold jump to zoop.
WASD or arrowkeys for directional movement.
Mouse for turning

Best of luck Alexanders,
~dom and Afyx~
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