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 BT F1 Summer Cup 22

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 2022-06-19 15:41:26 |  2022-06-22 22:36:22
Welcome to the BT F1 Summer Cup 22 campaign. This mappack features four endurance maps that were driven in live races. Each of them has their own little story video and they are supposed to be played in order. You get your mission briefings by the mysterious Ludwig V, who is always hiding benath his white helmet.

Race 1: Wetlands by LPNSebi x minced
Drivers, here is your mission briefing!
The Wetlands. Home to a rich fauna and flora, dangerous species as well as native tribes and mystic happenings. Luckily for us, the Bavaria Two F1 Cup team has brought their building team to design a racetrack which does not harm this moist and humid ecosystem. So we can race on this 6km long track to claim the first victory of this season for us. Godspeed, driver!

Race 2: Sunset Circuit by Null
Drivers, good race in the Wetlands!
Now it's time to move on to warmer realms, and Sunset Circuit is just the right track for that.
But don't get lost in speed on those batshit crazy turns and be careful: The BT F1 Cup Team is observing your performance. Make sure to fullfill their expectations!
Godspeed, Drivers!

Race 3: Valley Racer by Orihkeks
Drivers, good choice on bringing the correct tires for the rain on Sunset Circuit!
But I think you can store them away safely now, because for the third race of this season on Valley Racer the weather forecast seems to be pretty good.
And the Bavaria Two F1 Cup Team also seems to be very excited about good vision, as this map is right in their homelands.
Yes, that's right, we're gonna race in Bavaria this time. There even are some rumors about a legendary shaped BT curve on this long racing circuit.
Be prepared for one of the most demanding races this season!
Godspeed, Drivers!

Race 4: Lut Gholein Speedway by russelx3 x pibebtol
Drivers, good job in our homelands.
Have you heard the rumors of the dark driver?
I think we should follow his legend and travel together into the east. Always into the east.
There is a track in Lut Gholein. It is the perfect opportunity for us to show the BT F1 Cup Team who we are.
The BT F1 Cup comes to an end for this season. Let's make sure we stay ahead.
Godspeed, Driver!

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