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 Lego Racers Circuit 1

by  Kuchenkruste |  4 |  0
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 2022-01-10 16:43:33 |  2022-01-10 16:47:40
I'm currently working on recreating all the tracks from Lego Racers as part of the project 'Retro Videogames Reimagined'.
The project aims at translating the track-layouts of iconic racing games to the trackmania playstyle.

The maps aren't 1:1 recreations of the original tracks since they wouldn't feel very natural in the trackmania environment.

The 4 tracks belong to the first circuit of the Lego Racers series. (Captain Redbeard Circuit)
It also uses custom texture packs which can be downloaded from the following links.

Magma Moon Marathon
Desert Adventure Dragway

I hope you like it! Enjoy
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